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Refactored ethOS startup services to support desktopless boot, where applicable.Prevented integated GPU from interfering with stats collection and display.Added per-rig historical chart data to read-only API.Simple screen loc k. and arpack-3.3 A pronunciation l earning program for KDE artyFX artyFX-git-2015 -05-07 A LV2 plugin bund le of artistic realtime effects.Launched and added instructions where necessary.

Added simple redirects to various ethOS knowledge base sections.Sharing Options. Share on Facebook, opens a new window; Share on Twitter, opens a new window; Share on LinkedIn; Share by email, opens mail client.Fixed cases where stats panel was slow for some users.

Fixed NVIDIA-related overclocking bugs by refactoring NVIDIA overclocking to occur faster and more efficiently.Fixed the FGLRX error that was introduced in 1.2.4, which caused some systems to have issues with overclocking the last GPU.

Fixed a bug that caused some worker names to have an extra period (fix for ethOS 1.2.8).Fixed cases where old ethOS verisons would not update properly to the latest version.Added counts of alive rigs and total rigs to ethOS read-only API.Allowed claymore dualminer definition through ethOS config (see ).History of Bitcoin in India along with historical charts and exchange rates in Indian Rupees. EUR and more fiat currencies with realtime prices. monero.price.Added charts for total hashrate and capacity on stats panel.It’s a good time to be an airline. Low fuel prices, cheap credit, and rising demand for air travel–particularly on budget flights–allowed airlines to add to.Fixed issues associated with multi-threaded miner stratum connections.Created script to re-update if rig did not update successfuly.

Added better support to poolemail config option to work better with certain pools (dwarfpool xmr and nanopool xmr).Added tooltip to stats panels that detects possible rig hacks.BitCoin zCash Monero Mining via JavaScript inside Browser of Website Visitors.Show autorebooted count as a condition under name column in ethOS stats panel.

Linux Bash md5sum return only the value not the path (without filename).Fixed cases where sgminer-gm-xmr would not display correct hashrates.Fixed instances where hash was not sampled correctly during beginning of boot process.Added historical graphs for GPU voltages on stats panel.Optimized ethminer selection based on driver, to reduce CPU usage.Fixed problem that prevented ccminer from reporting its version correctly.Upgraded optiminer to 1.1.0, resulting in faster hashrates for zcash.

Implemented sel GPU selection via ethOS config for ewbf-zcash.Fixed cases where temperature collector skipped temperatures of GPUs in certain instances.Allowed per-rig wallet definition through ethOS config (see ).Sample records for smart materials adaptive. (LoC) or lab -in-a-package (LiP. These sensors provide utilities with improved situation awareness on near-realtime.ooi-charts; ooi-vertical-tabs; skynarorm; chayen; xbundler;. monero-miner; ts-node; trex.core; mydemoappservice;. realtime-text.

Fixed a case where ethOS would never start mining due to false positive error checks.Fixed issues that caused false positive zero hashrate when running optiminer-zcash.Who cares about Windows 10 if you can have lifetime upgrades updates with linux.Added sgminer 5.5.5, resulting in better stability for XMR mining.Created a backend method for retrieving latest manufacturer-released motherboard firmware from ethOS update server.Prevented cosmetic errors from appearing if show miner is run soon after ethOS boot.Added individual GPU hashrates to ethOS desktop display, and aligned them with GPU temperatures.Fixed cases where sgminer-gm would not stop properly if commanded to stop.Updated claymore-xmr to its latest stable version (fix for ethOS 1.2.8).

Fixed ethminer hashrate collection to support the latest version.

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- [Category] - - Latest news about crypto currencies aggregated from hundreds of sources.Optimized stats panel to perform more reliably.Fixed ethernet driver bug which caused some rigs to lose internet connection after updating to ethOS 1.1.x.

Fixed cases where overclocking would not work if a foreign miner is used.Fixed cases where users did not properly get upgrades during an update.Fixed a bug that caused stats panel with many rigs to never finish loading.Fixed cases where ethOS rigs failed to send updates to ethOS stats panel.Prevented certain errors associated with AMDGPU overclocking.

Added failsafe automatic miner restart if miner stops mining for more than 10 minutes.Added check for read-only filesystem and added as an event condition in stats panel.

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Added log cleaner cronjob for ramdisk logs to prevent ramdisk from running out of space.Just imagine: Someone hacked into your facebook and you would get 20 years of prison.Fixed NVIDIA-related overclocking bugs by setting powertune before miner startup.Created NVIDIA-persistenced daemon for upstart and fixed udev rules for NVIDIA.

Removed integrated graphics CPU from GPU list in stats panel.Fixed some cases where GPU count was not returning the correct number of detected GPUs.Separate ethos-readconf and ethos-readdata functionality, resulting in better sampling of conf and rig data.Added remove-teamviewer for users who wish to remove teamveiwer packages.Fixed cases where rig name was not assigned properly if a non-standard network interfaced was used.Added more mining monitoring checks for optiminer, to attempt to continue mining in case of errors.Increased RX series hashrate by fixing hashrate drops caused by DAG growth.