Best place to buy moneros with credit card

SideShowBob: lookup, when i gave it to you it was at 839 and has already made money just sitting but you can make even more.DOCinTheBox: BrainStormer, stick with XMR and you will see big things.Britbear13: Alzheimer, dash offers no real utility over btc besides its childish governance model, which is similar to the dao that i never believed in anyway.Mio: SideShowBob, i made free money for him like 2 weeks, give him, he spend it in 3 days.

Tempers: and the 900 bitcoin is entirely china buying bitcoin.KontraK: CryptoValkyrie, okay, lets see if monero can break the 50 USD within the next 4 days:P.Woodstock: theBunk, its hilarious, if XMR was banned from Apple and Bitfinex, and had the PR of dash it would be in ruins, yet some how the cancer grows.

Snorlax: lobujit, also I disagree with that, I do not believe that government employees can break provably unbreakable code.Britbear13: why would you use dash to buy something when its value could drop immensily at any second.H7USHKA: Msaghirmd, You should take out another mortage on your home and just buy monero.

FreakinJohn: biodork, I just want to know if a platform might be worth investing in for those kinds of things.Xr1977: Herbalist, Quite funny to see what happens to gamers from your home town:).KontraK: DonaldPump, I have a great relationship with the blacks.

SR4: sh4dow, dont gamble it.just set a tiny% for practice and just try to accumulate btc and some eth too.VenomGhost: jeanfrancois7, You will move it just like a normal withdrawal:).Whiskeydink: dash bag holders abouit to get there bum hole hurt.YouCanTrustMe: FreakinJohn, read this sums the value proposition up.Tempers: stephenmac7: unless you are a developer like me. save your time.

SolarPowered: Please, do your part to keep the TROLLBOX free of SPAM.AWildKeccakAppears: Massdebater, yes because anon requires many people using it.Hipnotic: People are starting to realize that dash is real deal.SR4: theBunk, i hate paying attention to trash too,but cant resist adding to my short every morning with these prices. free money.VenomGhost: Please, keep the language in the TROLLBOX to English.TheChandler: A 10 usd btc move is a 160 million dollar move That fast 160 mil.

TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: JaTochNietDan, sometimes being rich takes greed, and being smart sometimes excuses you from those actions. money doesnt make a person.Britbear13: I just cant get over dashes open public blockchain.They are a good example of professionalising and take crypto to the real world.Good luck with ur trades I got my fingers crossed for us both.KerCHING: fallenzz, you will discover that big money values security over all else.Khilone: From the stratis CEO: More details, PR and the kick start of our full node marketing will begin tomorrow.Weazal: sh4dow, I started when btc and XMR simultaneously crashed. thats was an awesome trading class.

Banhammer: koincin banned for 2 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by biodork.You have to research for yourself, cuz a shill one day is a hater the next.CryptoCatfish: lobujit, I honestly dont think anyone in this box has the coin to push it like that.IMO.SideShowBob: now some folks say nice things about me to my face but i know they still fear me in their hearts.

Why then does China market news move btc down almost 50% in 1 week.